AGHacks is the biggest and most popular Polish student hackathon in Poland, organized by the leader among technology universities - AGH. It brings the brightest minds from IT world to work for 48h on amazing project that may change the world we know.

Have you ever dreamed about an adventure? One in a live-time opportunity to meet brilliant people from Poland, Mexico or US? Take this challenge and join 500 programmes and designers at AGHacks!

Newbies and professionals come together to fully devote themselves to work without rest days and nights on their crazy and creative ideas. Participants will be supported by mentors from leading IT companies. Best project will pitch and compete for the AGHacks Champions title (and brilliant prizes!)


You can submit your project as individual as well as a group (up to 4 hackers)


Our only requirement is to… show us something that is awesome, inspire us or change the world we know today!

Hackathon Sponsors


First place - GoPro, Intel Edison, Estimote Dev Kit

Second place - FitBit, Intel Edison, Estimote DevKit

Third place - Philips Headphones, SSD 500 GB, Intel Edison

Astor Challenge

Estimote Challenge (2)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

We accept as a projects everything hackers can create – webs, apps robots etc. Your creativity is your only limit.


Wojciech Burkot

Wojciech Burkot
Wojciech Burkot is Chief Technology Officer at Grupa Allegro. He moved to Allegro from Google R&D Center he founded in Krakow.

Krzysztof Bogomaz

Krzysztof Bogomaz
Industrial designer. Mentor of design thinking methodology. Co-founder of PLEO Design company.

Marek Kapturkiewicz

Marek Kapturkiewicz
Co-founder, investor & partner at Innovation Nest (seed/VC fund);Co-founder of Innovation Nest Entrepreneurship School (SPIN); previously senior vice president of the

Bartosz Józefowski

Bartosz Józefowski
A big fan of new technologies but also board games. Working in Cracow Technology Park, he runs the Technology Incubator

Judging Criteria

  • Criteria
    We will take into consideration many aspects as: creativity, usefulness, level of difficulty, social impact etc

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